We are situated in both the snug and premium St. John’s in Wakefield, and the Wharfedale valleys picturesque market town of Ilkley.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work at London fashion week and with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and we specialise in colour correction, weddings and long hair.


Under the creative direction of Joseph Dawson, with over 20 years industry experience in some of the most high profile salons worldwide including Nicky Clarke, Vidal Sassoon and Tony and Guy at senior levels, he has a MCA degree in colour and a wealth of knowledge on how to get your hair looking great yet manageable.


Under the creative direction of Phillip Dawson, the Ilkley salon is a high-end salon with leading stylists. Phillip has over 15 years industry experience and specialises in cutting and styling and has done so across many of Leeds big name salons. Ilkleys ever growing team draws on over 50 years combined experience.


A range of professional eco-friendly vegan products that colours, cares and protects your hair.

Selected raw materials and naturally derived ingredients extracted from organic plants ensure conditions of maximum respect for the well-being of people, of their hair and of the environment in which they live.


  • positive review  Joseph is a highly talented hairdresser with excellent skills who make you feel welcome, special and as good as he makes you look. The best.

    Katrina Doves Avatar Katrina Doves

    positive review  I would never let anyone else near my hair other than Phillip.. he’s a genius and I always come away happy 😃 I’ve been coming to Phillip for about 9 years and there is no one better, so if it’s a rating you need it would have to be a 6* review 💗🙌🏻🥰

    Jenefer McCabe Avatar Jenefer McCabe

    positive review  I was worried about having my hair cut again because of Coronavirus but the experience in the salon really put my mind at rest. The salon is beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean. Masks and sanitiser are available on entry and Joseph made the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable. And I love my new short hair cut!

    Shirley Clarkson Avatar Shirley Clarkson

    positive review  Wonderful experience earlier today with Joseph... thank you for rescuing my hair you’ve worked wonders x See you again soon x

    Nicola Harper Avatar Nicola Harper

    positive review  I had my first haircut with Joseph yesterday and the whole experience was wonderful. The salon is beautiful, all safety precautions taken and Joseph is approachable and welcoming. Although it will take more than one cut to truly sort my hair out, it already looks and feels so much better and Joseph took the time to talk me through and explain the cut. Thoroughly looking forward to my next appointment 🙂

    Hannah Harding Avatar Hannah Harding

    positive review  I’ve had my first post lockdown haircut with Joseph last week. The salon has always been super clean for the last 10 years or so that I’ve been going there but post-Covid it’s even more immaculate although I didn’t think that was possible. All safety measures are adhered to and it feels completely safe environment with clients socially distanced and in masks. And last but not least - Joseph, as ever the genius, turned my post lockdown mop into beautiful hair again 💁🏻‍♀️ thank you for being so amazing at what you do! 😘 you get 10 out of 5 from me! 😘

    Aga Knowles Avatar Aga Knowles
  • positive review  Emma is fantastic. First hair cut after lockdown. Salon spotless. Totally felt safe. Can’t recommend highly enough. Just perfection.

    Claire Leavesley Avatar Claire Leavesley

    positive review  After a whole year of not being touched Joseph brought my colour back to life!! Very clean, well spaced out salon... would definitely recommend... even though he did tell me off for my nails been a mess (🙈) ha ha. Next job to get those sorted!! 😉

    Rachelle Louise Avatar Rachelle Louise

    positive review  I have been going to Joseph bespoke for a while now and the service and results are amazing! Since lockdown has lifted, the salon feels a clean and safe environment (hand sanitizers and masks available, limited people in the salon etc) and the service is still great! I highly recommend to anyone wanting a honest, hilarious hairdresser for a fabulous cut and colour!

    Hollie Appleby Avatar Hollie Appleby

    positive review  Absolutely spotless (normally is ) but taken to the next level now. Super safe and super treatment - thank you . 5 star recommendation x

    Nikki Summers Avatar Nikki Summers

    positive review  I was so happy to be seeing Philip again last week. He had kept in touch throughout the lockdown and I knew tgat everything would be as required when I had my appointment. It was my usual delightful experience - seamless and as hassle-free as possible, but safe and spotless with helpful clear guidance for do's and don'ts. Well done, Philip. Challenging times but you always put your customers first. Thankyou. 👏👏👏

    Helen Lesak Avatar Helen Lesak

    positive review  It was great to be back and have my colour done ... the salon is always spotless anyway but I was very impressed with all the attention to detail Joseph has given to additional cleaning and social distancing ... I felt very safe and looking forward to my next appointment .... thank you Joseph x

    Linda Green Avatar Linda Green
  • positive review  It was a great experience!!! Very clean and i was very comfortable with how the ppe was been used. You rock xxx

    Charlotte Atkinson Avatar Charlotte Atkinson

    positive review  I last had my hair cut and coloured on 28 feb so I was desperate! Went to see Joseph on 13 July was never so glad to see him. Salon was spotless as usual, possibly cleaner if that is possible, with sanitiser etc.I was the sole client for a while then joined by another lady. We both wore masks and had our own drinks and reading stuff. Joseph wore a visor and used one use towels and gowns. It was my first trip out since March and I felt a little nervous until I got there and realised I felt perfectly safe. Joseph has done a great job making everything covid safe. Ps the cut and colour was good too!

    Karen Ponulak Avatar Karen Ponulak

    positive review  I was in between hairdressers when lockdown occurred and my friend recommended Joseph. Went on Saturday 26th July. Salon was spotless, Joseph was very friendly and welcoming and made every effort to make it feel safe. Now for the haircut......I love it ! Fantastic cut , he’s clearly very talented. Went out that afternoon and felt great. I am sure I will be back if he can fit me in.

    Lynne Grayson Avatar Lynne Grayson

    positive review  Went to see Joseph after lockdown, when I got there Joseph was cleaning, had no concerns what so ever, when I left Joseph was cleaning (its always spotless anyway) and I left with gorgeous hair as usual X

    Kathryn Smith Avatar Kathryn Smith

    positive review  Lovely warm welcome from Joseph. Salon absolutely spotless as always. Friendly engaging chat. Made my daughter feel very special and made a disaster of a hair cut attempt into a top class hair style. Got to see aurora and Sebastian too. Would recommend Joseph. Walk out feeling amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    Tracy Lawson Avatar Tracy Lawson

    positive review  What an absolute treat! Feel like an absolute queen when I leave and treated like one when I’m there! My hairs the longest and healthiest it’s ever been! 💜💙❤️💛🧡💚🤍🖤

    Hannah Sweeney Avatar Hannah Sweeney
  • positive review  I was so excited for my post lockdown visit to Joseph Bespoke. The salon was immaculately clean (as it always is) and Joseph has gone to great lengths to ensure clients feel safe & welcome, promoting social distancing & high levels of sanitisation. Needless to say my cut & colour were on point & I've had a relentless stream of compliments since. Already looking forward to my next visit 😊

    Claire Wilkinson Green Avatar Claire Wilkinson Green

    positive review  Have been going to Joseph for a few months now and love the styles he creates, my hair isn't the easiest to work with. Managed to get an appointment straight after lockdown, everything was really clean and Joseph had made sure that everything was in place as per the guidelines, made sure I felt super safe. Would certainly recommend.

    Karen Reid Avatar Karen Reid

    positive review  Amazing post lockdown restyle, I love my colour and had an amazing; professional yet friendly service from Joseph, felt safe in the extremely clean salon. Can’t wait until my next cut and colour 😀.

    Nichola Wallis Avatar Nichola Wallis

    positive review  Joseph was fantastic from start to finish. Beautiful salon and was so helpful with helping me to reach a decision about my hair. I honestly left feeling like I’d had the best haircut ever! Really luxurious products and all in all a 5 star experience at a very reasonable price. So delighted to have found a great hair dresser in Wakefield and to love my hair again - thank you! 💇🏽‍♀️🥳🥰

    Helen Firth Avatar Helen Firth

    positive review  I have just started coming to Joseph for my hair cutting and colouring and have been really pleased with the results. I knew as soon as he started cutting my hair that I could trust him. My hair is naturally wavy and has seemed to be a bit of a challenge for some hairdressers! I found the salon to have a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.

    Jane Fascione Avatar Jane Fascione

    positive review  Love coming here for my hair appointment. Highly recommend

    Liz Cowie Avatar Liz Cowie